Must have tassels on the brain. Did you check out my 2 Minute DIY Tassel Earrings? They are super easy and fabulous. If I do say so myself.
Had a few tassels and jewels left over from previous DIYs, so thought I would whip myself up a quick necklace.
Here we go

What you need: Some silk cord (neon pink is the best kind), some jewels, a tassel and some scissors.
What to do: First I cut off a length of the silk cord, longer the better. Then I strung my large tassel and fished a big jewel loop on to the tassel. All the jewels I use are from HERE. Sue's Sparklers, is where I work... you should check them out some time ;)  Then I threaded two Swarovski jewels on to either cord. Lastly finish with a knot. If you know any decorative knots that would be better.
But I don't.
So I didn't

BAM! Fancy

It has two things I can't get enough of. Hot Pink & Sparkle. Is your favorite color sparkle like me? I bet it is.

Pretty. And pretty easy. All these things I had around to house after various projects. It is all about being creative and reworking what you got. Thanks for stopping by!  Got to go....dinner won't cook itself