I was in need of a quick craft to keep my hands busy while the kids napped today. I am trying to limit the amount of (somewhat wasted) time I spend on pinterest/facebook/flickr ect ect ect ect ect. I just get sucked in and a couple of hours later I am zonked, have accomplished nothing and now have to go attend to the babes. Bleck!
So here is a cute quickie. Good for either you or your lady-ettes in training....
You will need the supplies above. Fabric scraps, thick baker's trim, scissors and hair pins.

Start by snipping sections of the fabric. About 6-7 of em @ 1"x3". Or thicker/thinner/longer... whatevas

then stack all the pieces on top of each other, fold in half and snip a tiny hole in all of them in the approximate center.

Snip off a piece of the bakers twine, about 6" long and tie a big knot at one end. Then thread the twine through the pieces, with the knot landing on the top of the stack.

wrap, thread and knot the twine through/around the end of the hair pin. Snip off any excess.

Simple, cute and done in under two minutes. You can play with the type of fabrics, pinking shears, length/size of pieces, thread a button or jewel on the end....all sorts of adjustments could be made. Would make a wonderful little girl's bday activity right? No hot glue (or any messy glue for that matter), no sewing and you could prep all the pieces ahead of time, so all they have to do is thread and knot.

Little miss Lou was pleased to wake up from her nap to find a new hair accessory. A girl after my own heart ;)

Thanks for stopping by!