A quick and AWESOME diy before a short holiday break. I will be in and out for the next week dealing with the familio and recuperating from sweets and squeals overload. This is one of my favs so I hope you enjoy and give it a try!

Quick Tips:
*Furring strips are found in the back of the lumber section at Lowes, Home Depot, your local joint. They are extremely cheap. Like, around a buck for an 8' strip. Just remember to give each piece a look over because more than not, the strips will have a curve to them.
* If you don't have a power chop saw (a real life saver.... DO NOT be intimidated by it :) ) You can always use a hand saw miter box. There is a whole range out there, from a cheapo $7 one to a spiffy $80 one. I suggest finding one some where in the mid range like this one.
*Decide ahead of time if you want the planks to run length or width wise and plan your cuts accordingly.
*I distressed each plank on one side (including edges). Hammer it, burn it, nail it... what ever floats your boat.
*Place a tee in the clamp before your wail away. This will reduce the likelihood of clamp marks.
*Play with the layout of your planks. Once you have it the way you like flip them over and lay out two bracing strips running across all your planks.
*Nail the bracing strips in place. At least two nails per plank.
*Attach picture hanging wire by twisting it around two nails and hammering into each of the bracing strips.
*I recommend staining with a dark walnut or teak. I tried a 'driftwood' and that didn't do anything. wah wah
*Let dry for at least an hour.
*Play with your frame placement. I just picked up some antique-ish gold ones from the dollar store. Then use a simple nail to hang the frames in place.
*Remember to rip the picture prop off the back so it will lay better.
*Now you can change the pictures, but still have this awesome rustic and very IMPRESSIVE picture frame

I like the juxtaposition of the gold against the dark distressed wood. Very 'my' style.

I tried it again with out the distressing and with larger pieces. After you master this diy, I promise you that you will want to frame all of your pictures this way.

The larger planks really show their grain well. I like finding pieces with lots of knots for character.

This picture frame will go with a variety of decor styles. Mine is a little more rustic and moody. I made my friend something very similar to this and she has a more modern taste (she loves it btw)

Notice the family pictures. We are sitting in front of a giant wood pile, hence the wood background. he he he... so clever right?

Hope you have a wonderful and VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thanks for stopping by.