I knew there was something I could do with all those left over tape rolls!

  Do you do that? Hoard left overs until you can figure out a way to reuse them? I swear about 90% of my office closet is full of those so called 'craft supplies'. Think bags of wine corks, toilet and paper towel tubes, wrapping paper scraps... pretty much everything you would call trash. But I can't do it! I guess it is the hoarder coming out in me. You know we all have a little of that. Hoardism. Hoardalitis. Hoardluenza.

Tips & Tricks:
*Have fun with the inside color of the roll. These are the colors of spray paint I had on hand, but for the next round I am thinking about hot pink or perhaps gold foil.
* Get creative while painting the watercolor. Salt and elmers craft glue do some funny things to watercolor and really make for a spectacular texture.
* Use the string to measure around the cardboard roll for the length. Mark on the back of the watercolor with a ruler and then trim out with scissors of a craft knife.
* I gave the bracelet three coats of clear enamel spray coat with 30 minutes of dry time in between each coat. I would also recomend (if you have it) to give the bracelet a coat of polyurethane. That will give it extra strength and protection from wear and tear.
*These are somewhat delicate pieces of jewelry, so don't go dowsing it in a tub of water or anything like that. Handle with care.

They really are beautiful in person. I'm thinking Valentine's Day?