Guess who is on a pink and orange kick?


   My diy watercolor spritzed envelopes from yesterday were only the beginning! Not only am I embellishing my correspondence with O&P now I am adorning myself with the cheery color combo. During the fall/winter, I find myself pining for the bold colors and life of spring/summer. So how do I put on a happy face? By pinning on a flower to my jacket or scarf. I made a big ol batch of simple flower pins a couple of falls ago and now they are starting to look a little tired. Here is my attempt to spruce one of those pins up... tips and tricks to follow.

*Clip off the stem/leaves but leave a good portion of the center stem poking out so that the flower stays intact. Add a couple dabs of hot glue in between the petals if needed.
*Hot glue a large circle of thick felt to the base of the flower to help stabilized it and create a platform for you to glue or sew on the pin. I also like to add an alligator clip. Sometimes it is easier/better to clip on the flower instead of pinning.
*To create the watercolor perfume spritzer click here.
*Grip the whole flower in one hand and scrunch it up so that only the tips of the petals are showing.
*Spritz on a few generous sprays of the watercolor. Open up the flower and set to dry for an hour or so. This is a messy step, so do it outside. Capish?

Once you pin on a large flower, it's hard not to smile. It also makes other ppl smile. I constantly get stopped/asked about/complimented, when I don some flora fashion.

Up for some more pink and orange tomorrow?
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