This scenario went down yesterday.

The hubs came rushing in out of the garage while on the phone saying 'Hold on let me get a pen'. He was in hot pursuit of a killer Craigslist deal and needed to get all the details. He rummaged around in one junk drawer.

Then moved on the the next.

And the next.

Then utensils, plates and pots and pans were rattled and strewn about, until he shoots me a dirty look and rushes out of the room again. It happens all the time. Got me thinking that I need a place for pens. No more dirty looks and no more tornadoes through the kitchen. Here we go!

Pretty easy right? I got all the paraphernalia you see above from Hobby Lobby. The little wood base was .75 cents, $2.99 for a large bag of shells and $1.99 for the piece of driftwood. The paint was left over from my DIY Wooden Kitchen Sign.

I used paintbrushes to display, but this is soon to be full of pens stuck right next to the phone in the kitchen. Like I said, no more dirty looks and tornadoes through the house.
Thanks for stopping by. Next up is a killer dessert recipe in preparation for the weekend. Hope our weather is nice, June gloom has spread itself nice and thick over July as well. Not that I am complaining... I want no part in the heat waves that have taken over the central and eastern part of the US. We are quite content here on the west coast (best coast!!!).