This really is the easiest & tastiest guacamole recipe. Get yourself some (American grown!!!!) ripe avocados, slice them in half, scoop out with a table spoon, add two heaping dollops of Mexican salsa, sprinkle salt/garlic salt to taste and smush/chop it all together with two large forks. If you are on the fiery side, by all means add some hot sauce (you feisty thing you!).
 No more dicing onions, peppers, tomatoes ect... be gone cutting board and watering eyes! Why make it more difficult than it has to be?

Hope your week is ship shape. I am nursing some sun burned shoulders and back from a day of pulling weeds. Such a satisfying task... ripping those bloody devils from the ground to revel my majestic (well, in my mind anyway) garden. Can't beat mid 70's in March.
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