Thought it was about time that I shared a tour of our playroom or 'the boys room'. Of course I share it right when it's about to change. Now that ol Leland has made his appearance this room is soon to become a shared bedroom. So lots of decorating daydreams are sure to follow ;).
   This room started off as an office/guest room but then I felt so guilty about having such a large room all to my self and the 'once a year' out of town guests. So Lucinda's room it became. Then once Lucas came along it became their shared bedroom/playroom. Then I transitioned Lucinda into her own room in anticipation of another boy and this became the Playroom/Lucas's bedroom soon to be shared. I must admit it is nice to have such a large room dedicated to hold all of their toys and for the littles to read and play in. I made the decision very early on that I wasn't going to have one of those houses where every surface, nook, cranny, drawer, closet and shelf was covered in toys. Daycare facility this is not. So I curate/rotate their toys and adamantly pick up and put away toys back here (most of the time me... but we are working on it).
  The main features of this room are the dark brown chalkboard wall under the chair rail and the vintage children's book page wallpaper above the chair rail. I have created an ever changing collage of artifacts on the wall and plan to expand all the way across. It's fun to have the littles help me pick out and decide what to hang up when we go to flea markets.
  Then we have this giant vintage rocking/bouncy horse that was scored from craigslist, for get this, free. The nice granny said she originally wanted a couple hundred for it, but she was having such a bad time with looky lous so she told us 'Come and get it and it's yours'. Score!
  Then there is the totally awesome shelving unit that was made by my mother for her senior furniture building class in college. Her final thesis! So great to have something not only handmade, but handmade by my mama. So without further talky here we go...

Super easy diy idea.... get some canvases and spray them with chalkboard paint, then you can change the art when ever you want! Chalk markers are the best for the canvas btw.

Gotta do this with Leland's 'coming home' outfit now...

All sorts of flea market finds here. From the vintage cars, to the globes to the tool boxes to the frames. Gotta love vintage ;)... animal heads are from Home Goods for $10 each.

I just love that shelving unit.... it folds up too! The thesis was to make something that could easily be transported and that she did! It's been from Texas to Florida to New Jersey to a couple of places in Cali!

The mural is left over from the days of this being Lou's room. Kinda girly... but I still like it. It will be changing for this next room update. Maybe stripes? Doing a vintage circus theme so I'll have to do some brainstorming.

So that's pretty much it. Thanks for stopping by for a little look around. I'll keep you posted on the update!