I love love love watercolor. Did I mention that I adore watercolor? Have you seen this blog design lately?!
So, yes
I really HEART watercolor.

 With that being said, it is also that time of year where another one of my crafty loves has been on my mind. Valentine's Day cards. Why not combine the two? Card making and watercolor. Oooo so beautiful, and sweet . I can just imagine them now.
  So while I am working away on some diy watercolor deliciousness, here is some inspiration for you from Etsy. Click on the image to visit these wonderful shops.

just a great vday card

so intricate

Oona Befort. One of the all time greatest watercolor illustrators.

Ok, so not technically a vday card, but who wouldn't want an army of watercolor penguins to say 'I love you'!

One of may fav quotes to use on any type of card.




For my mama.

A set of eight cards for a song

simple and sweet

And lastly, something I have been dieing to do, a personalized portrait/card. I would definitely frame this and perhaps do one every year.

Hope you are having a good week and it is wrapping up well. We are all a little blue around here. The grandparents (my in laws) were here for a visit and just left. Boo-hooo. We all love them so much and the kiddos are mildly devastated that they don't get to keep them.