This post has been sponsored by Craigslist (not really), but it is definitely a testament to the awesomeness of CL.

While mama bear was at a neighbors baby shower this weekend the hubs was on Lou with the attitude entertainment duty. I thought there would be some playtime in the kiddy pool or perhaps some sandbox castle building...

umm no. Not with my husband. He don't work that way.

I should have known. His eyes are permanently glued to CL always on the look out for a screaming deal for cars/trucks/tractors/trailers/fourwheelers/threewheelers/anything-with-an-engine-and-or-wheels.

So while I was playing 'Guess what this baby food is' game he was out snatching up this awesome thing

So a-mah-zing right?

On a side note I came home to the hubs trying to set it up in the living room because it is so blazing hot out right now....

I made him move it

Fits pretty well on our patio. Not that we could have a dinner party with it or anything... but it works.

these two... what am I going to do with these two. I've got my hands full.
The guy who sold it said that he posted the bounce house about 6 or so times on CL, but always backed out because his kids would pitch a fit.
The kids weren't home this time. S-C-O-R-E! So sorry kids.... but don't worry it went to a good home, we will treat it right.

Can you imagine having your very own bounce house? I asked the hubs if we were spoiling her and he said no. He wants her to have as many happy childhood memories as possible. I think the root of that thought goes way back to his own childhood and dealing with the split of his parents. Nasty story. Bad time. Bad memories.
So I really have no problem with the hubs doing these special things for our little girl.
Happy memories. Lots and lots of happy memories.

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