Run! Hide! Shelter your children! It's the great WHITE OUT here in So Cal!
No, it's not snow.
It's white paint!
Whewww... dodged one there.

Yes, it is true I have turned to the dark side. Or light side. White side? After many years of dogging people who chose white paint over the bajillion other shades available, I have become one of them. I just finished repainting my kitchen with white paint. And the staircase. And the family room. I am shellacking the whole place!

With the new year I was looking to freshen up things around here, and can you get any fresher than white paint? I also wanted to steer my decorating scheme in the Spanish revival direction. Spanish revival is a twist on Spanish colonial architecture and design, both of which are very present here is Southern California. Spanish revival is marked by lots of white/natural plaster, dark carved ornate wood furniture, tons of patterned tile, exposed wood beams and wrought iron. All of which can be found in my house. So why fight it?

I also though it would be fun to share the evolution of our staircase. A lot has happened to this sucker in just two years! First off are a few pics of the original listing. Not pretty. Not horrible.

  Carpet was everywhere in this house. Stairs, dining room even bathrooms! I tried to live with the (new) carpet for as long as possible, but I quickly grew tired of vacuuming the stairs and borrowing the spot bot. The hubs refuses to take off his boots so the stairs quickly earned a dirt racing stripe. Ewww.
   So he was treated to coming home one evening  to find me furiously ripping out the staples holding the stair carpet in place. It wasn't much better underneath. The bare plywood stairs were full of gaps and holes. It took a lot of spackle, a halfway decent molding job and three coats of Martha Stewart's Yucca Plant paint, but I got it to a point where I could deal with it. And like it. For a while anyway.
  We have talked about using the left over wood flooring to cover them, but stairs are extra tricky and require a lot of extra little pieces. That carpentry job is a little beyond our capabilities. We also aren't ready to fork over a heavy sum to have some one do it for us.
 Here are a few pics of the yucca plant paint. I also used it to stencil the landing wall. One of my favorite features in the house.

  Perfect for Halloween right? It has built in house holes.Ha! I told you the molding job was halfway decent.
Fast forward two years, I have grown tired of how dark the color is. And how loud they were. A clomping husband on wood stairs leads to babies awoken from naps and I'm also not partial to the scratching sound our pup's nails make.

So here is my solution

Three coats of white paint later and a jute runner. I am diggin the quatrefoil border. Very Spanish revival. The runner does wonders to dampen the sound of foot steps, but it's still easy to sweep clean.

Much better in my humble opinion.

Yeah for Monday! No? Ha

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