This weekend we attended a distant relation family reunion on the hubs side. Something like his mothers brothers uncles aunts grandmothers brothers ect ect ect 90th birthday. We were welcomed with open arms. While the hubs is somewhat over large family get-togethers, I on the other hand love em. Can't get enough of family (even if it really isn't mine?).

Making sure everyone is included. Speaking to her gammy on the phone

This family is a little different than mine. They have sing-a-longs.

Sing-a-longs with kazoos.

Silly? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.

But intertwined with all our family fun something quite scary happened. I'll explain.

At the birthday party there was a glorious pool. And Lou with the attitude was not having it when we told her no. Nope. She stripped off all her clothes including her diaper and splashed right in. Ok, FINE I guess you can go swimming
So with that she enticed a few others to join her. The hubs and I slapped a swimmer on her and swapped lifeguard duties periodically.

flirty flirty flirt flirt

 So during one sift change I slipped into the ladies room to powder my nose. When I returned I found the hubs sopping wet with boots still on and Lou wrapped in a towel.

Um What happen?!

Oh I was hot... decided to go for a swim.


Lou fell in.


Are you confused? Yeah me too. Long story short Lou was playing with a few of the kids who came in to play and followed one little gal (who could swim) right off of the shallow play shelf into the deep end. The hubs dove right in (boots on, phone in pocket, sunglasses on head) and hoisted her up before she even knew what was going on. There were tears, but only because she was startled. Father of the year? Yes I think so

What I am most thankful for is that I wasn't there to see it. As a mom you can NEVER get such images out of your head. I still replay her tumble down the stairs that I witnessed. Makes your heart thump a little harder. And always will.

But we didn't let this spoil the day. No. You just take a deep breath... know that everyone is alright and move on. But I definitely hugged her a little tighter that night. (Ok I almost squeezed the life out of her but can you blame me?)

All families have stories like this. Fortunately ours had a happy ending.

All is well that ends well.... And everything is better if you have avocados... and everyone got some avocados

squeeze your babies a little tighter tonight for me will ya?

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