Whew this family is tuckered! As in kaput.... Doneskey... Zonked.... As in my achin back, feet and knees!
But, all in all Lou's fantastical third birthday at the county fair was a success. I don't think that little gal could have been any happier. She was literally bounding, skipping and leaping around for the whole day. Squeals of joy could be heard on the minute, every minute. From the barns full of animals, to the games, to the rides and of course the fair treats, I think this one is for the books. She will remember this for the rest of her life (as I remember my third birthday). It was one of those perfect days  . The weather, the activities, the company..... perfect.
We took today to lounge around in the kiddie pool... parents, babies, dog and all.

Such a proud little babe. She wanted to ride all by her little bitty self.

Her first carnival game. Darts. I was a little worried about this. Darts & a three year old? But all ended well. Not'a one landed anywhere near the target, but at least no one lost an eye ;)

The little super trooper. Can sleep anywhere, through anything.

The caramel apple tower. Can't go to the fair and not have at least one guilty pleasure.

Cotton candy as big as her for the birthday girl.

Oh all the animals! What fun for the babes. Sheep, pigs, goats, llamas, cows (giving birth no less!), chickens, ducks, horses!

^^^This one had a lot to say to us, and Lou kept the conversation going.

And what is a third birthday with out your first bow and suction cup arrows set????

Happy Birthday my sweet precious baby girl!

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