We had our first 'official' family photos taken yesterday. Yes, it was our first time. Usually I am behind the camera capturing all of our family's candid moments. I am no professional, but I have been pretty happy with the results. But finally I decided to hand the reins over to my dear friend Amanda from Two Roses Photography. She is just starting out and her talent & passion is just overflowing. I was very pleased with the results and can tell you that I am now HOOKED on family photos. I have so many ideas about using my vintage 'junk'. Perfect props!

  Is it weird that I was nervous? Nervous about taking family photos? Oh well... stressed over nothing because they turned out fabulous.

stunning right?! I'm not just saying that cuz she is my daughter....

Hope you had a great weekend. I will be continuing on with my mini series of DIY Glittered and Gold Gifts soon, so be sure to check back in. Here is my post about sprucing up your plain and boring jewelry with a one minute fix.
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