This new feature will run every Friday and sum up what I have been working on, looking at and lusting over. I constantly scour the internet, books & magazines for inspiration and crafting ideas so I thought I would share some of my finds (hey my 12 magazine subscriptions should come in handy right?!).

What I am working on:

Here are two sites that I check daily... actually hourly :)

Craftgawker: What a fabulous site for crafting eye candy! Absolutely stunning images, tips and tutorials. The editors of the site are VERY meticulous over what crafting submissions they accept. Here is a link to my submissions that were accepted
Craftgawker also has sister sites dwellinggawker , foodgawker & weddinggawker. All run as meticulous as craftgawker, just different subjects.... there is something of everybody

Pinterest: We all know about this great mush pot of ideas, inspirations & fluff. I do enjoy the hod podge of topics and images, but sometimes I do wish it was run a little more like craftgawker... just a tad more refined. I have a personal pinterest account and while I await for Home Heart Craft's invitation, here is my craft board. Enjoy!

My in-laws are in town so I'm going to get back to being a good hostess and enjoy our sunshine & beach breeze :)

Hope You all have a fabulous weekend!