Don't you wish you could be this excited again?!?!  About everything? And anything?

Lou with the attitude was literally screaming with enthusiasm when I asked her if she could help me do some gardening. With little shovel in hand she promptly got to work pulling out my rosemary....

um Lou?

Those are not weeds.

ok Mama. (as she holds up a spring and inhales deeply) smells goooooood mama.

Just thought I would share this little bit of sunshine. Children are such joyful little nuggets.

Full-O-Joy. Cutie-O's. Mushy-smushy-om-num-num-nummy-ness

Keeps you from going mad on one of those days. You know what I mean.. one of T-H-O-S-E days where all you want to do is sit in the corner bang your head against the wall because there really is a limit to how many times you can get puked on, pooped on and wailed at. Those days.

That is why these little buggers are so darn full of joy. So that it can spill out onto me, remind me to take a deep breath, give the babies a big smooch and go clean myself up (perhaps have a chunk of chocolate and glass of wine???????? perhaps.... YES).

Hope your week is going well. We had a lovely day meeting the precious newborn of some good friends. So happy that they joined club p-hood ;)
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