Sometimes you just gotta. Disappear for a minute or two. Immerse yourself into the natural world. Become one with nature. Yes, a silly cliche, but at the same time so freeing and centering.
   We had a scary experience the other night. While on the way back from my monthly book club with my lady friends I ran out of gas on the freeway. With both kids in tow. Out of gas. Car shuttering to a stop. I just barely made it over to the center divider out of traffic. The gas gauge went out in my car a few days ago and I have been meaning to set that darn appointment, but you know how that goes... life. It just gets a move'n and it is hard to fit things in. Yes, bad move. Mark one down in the bad mom book. I don't know if any of you have broken down on the freeway or a major road before, but let me tell you it is a terrifying experience. Cars are whizzing by at 70+ miles an hour (we are fast drivers here in California). I was very surprised and angered at how many cars would not move over! You have to see my flashers! But no, they zoomed on by making the whole car shake. Like how a train feels lumbering past. I was just sitting there staring in the rear view mirror watching the headlights coming at us full speed. It's hard to keep your mind from wondering into the deep dark territory of 'Are those other drivers sleepy? Do they see me? Are they drunk?!'
 I could feel a full panic attack coming on. At least the babies were asleep. If they were awake and had any understanding of what was going on and started to get scared?! Holey moley. I would have lost it. I just about did when my husband came to the rescue and was filling up the gas tank. The tank is on the passenger side. The traffic side. Ugh I just get the hibee jibees thinking about it.

 So today I wrapped up my babies and we disappeared in the California wilderness. No cars, no freeways, no people talking on cell phones. Just the sound of a babbling creek, birds chirping and the wind rustling the leaves. It was so beautiful. Funny how you relish life just a little bit more when something frightening happens. Is there a way to keep that feeling? That high? The buzz of how good the simple things are?
Perhaps. But I don't think I could survive the lows that come with those highs.
 I am stoked that we found our new watering hole. We will definitly be frequenting this little stream in the summer. It is equiped with a perfect little sandy edge for wading and even has a rope swing. This is exactly what I want my kids to experience. The freedom that comes from exploring and playing in untouched nature. Play structures in a park are fine and dandy, but a rope swing into a creek? That kicks the parks butt any day of the week.

It's good to get away. Even if it is just for an hour. We talked about leaves, bugs, sand, creeks, horses, sun, moon, stars and mountains. Not traffic, politics, guns, pollution. It seems like so much of our days now are dominated by bad and stressful things. Not for me. Not anymore. I want to dedicate myself to providing more joy and love in this world. Of course to my children, my husband and even to myself, but how about to those of you I have never met before. Why not spread the love. If that means my 'more joy & love' calling is coming up with some fun little craft or little diy?... so be it. I'll do it :)

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