Brown Kraft paper is my go-to when it comes to wrapping. It is such a great blank canvas. Lots of different possibilities. Perfect for any crafter to be, well, crafty :)
It is also a great big-o plus that it comes on a HUGE roll and cost only a few bucks. My kind of craft supply. So of course this year is no exception when it came down to wrapping and mailing out some Christmas presents. I rolled out my never ending roll and gathered together some accoutrements and got down to business.  I like to do a unique wrap job for each family that is receiving presents. Just fetch a few items and trinkets for embellishments from your closet, drawers or panty and to gifts practically wrap themselves.

   If only!

   But really, brown Kraft paper really is the greatest for gift wrapping. Great for any occasion. Draw some hearts on it for Valentine's day. Attach some clovers and twigs for St. Patrick's day. Glue on some mini faux birds nests for spring/Easter. Glue confetti on it in a balloon shape for a birthday. ect ect ECT. Like I said, it works for anything. Plus it looks great... and you can write on it so you can avoid making or buying a card. Ok, you get the point I really like brown Kraft paper. So go and pick it up today.

  Here are a few of my ideas when using kraft paper. I really enjoyed this first set of presents, the Comic Strip themed ones. I find that wrapping for young boys can be difficult. I want them to want to open the gift and I feel like this does the trick, with out having to result to store bought Santas or stripes. Not that there is anything wrong with store bought Santas or stripes...

Ok how simple is that? Just draw out some comic strip clip art, sign your name and mail or place under the tree! This is the first time I did this idea so I am really curious how my nephews react to it. They still are a little young so quite possibly they won't even care! They will look at it, see their name, rip it open and play with the awesome gift inside... I guess that is the end game right?!

On to my next idea. Simple as well. Gather up some yarn, bells, pine cones and markers.

Just wrap the yarn around the cone a few times and string on some jingly bells. Wrap the yarn a few times and tie on some extra for a pom pom effect.

Money is a more difficult item to wrap creatively . Opps I guess I gave away the surprise. Oh well, I really don't think he looks at this blog anyway. If you do, sorry Vern!
For this one I used a long strip of kraft paper, rolled it around the $, tied some yarn and a couple of bells at the ends and then took some scissors and fringed the edges. If you use a really long piece of paper and wrap it many times around the $, it creates this really fluffy effect when you fringe it.

Just sketch on the first initial of the recipient and they instantly know who it is for w/o having to open a card. Well, I guess this only works if they all have different first initials ;)

I like incorporating bits of nature into wrapping gifts. A sprig of rosemary, a twig, pine cone... be creative! Bits of nature look so fresh and pretty set against the kraft paper. Just lovely.

I have a couple more sets of gifts to wrap so stay tuned for some more kraft paper gift wrapping ideas!
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