Getting gifts are the best right? There really is nothing like tearing open some pretty packaging to reveal the goodies inside. Lou with the attitude received a package in the mail from her grandma... and you can feel the joy she is experiencing playing with these new toys. I really hope she keeps that innocence for as long as possible.

    She received her own set of cooking utensils and lots of play food to go with it. Not plastic (ugh) play-food but handmade felt play-food (sigh :) ). Along with a chefs hat and oven mitt. She plopped that hat right on her head and put on the mitt without any direction from me.
Hello food channel influence.

She took great joy in feeding me, Mama Lou and my little main man. I do feel a pang of guilt that her other grandma isn't able to open up the gifts with Lou and play with her in person. She sends lots of love all the time and Lou with the tude does miss her. It is very important to me that Lou has a firm grasp on who her family is... It doesn't matter how (not) often we get to visit in person, they are important.
Thank goodness for facetime... Have you tried facetime yet? I really wish I had facetime when I was young. Makes those large distances not feel so big.

Come on... what is better than a felt hotdog?!?!

Hope you had a great weekend. Car show and first mini roller coaster was on our itinerary Pics and story to follow.
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