Green Beans with Seasoned Almonds and Sauteed Ham... a pretty fancy sounding recipe eh?! Gor-met it my middle name don't cha know?! Just kidding. This recipe is a good ol stand by for me. Just perfect for when I'ma looking to impress some house guests... or cook up some home harvested veggies. Holy cow! Did you know super duper fast beans grow? I'm still learning at this whole veggie gardening thing, so bear with me while I sing with glee over the few plants I manage not to slaughter.

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This little one is so excited over watching our veggies grow. She'd park her little heiny in front of the pots in a beach chair sippin on some juice and stare at the tomatoes and beans if I'd let her. Just adorbs.

Recipe & Instructions:
*Two heaping handfuls of green beans. Washed and snapped in two. If desired pluck off the ends.
*A small handful of seasoned almonds. Go nuts (ha ha) with the seasoning. This time I chose rosemary and black pepper. Roughly chop up the nuts.
*Two slices of ham ( the pre packaged lunch meat kind) diced up into little pieces
*Healthy heaping spoonful of butter
*Salt & pepper to taste

Toss all ingredients into a pan. Turn stove on high. Scoot around with spatula till the butter coats everything. Cook for 10 - 15 minutes. Don't stir very often. You want the ham and beans to get a little burned. Once the beans have reached your desired doneness, remove from the heat and serve immediately.

Double yum. Triple yum.

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