My little muscle man was pooped out before the party even started!

Well, the party went off with out a hitch. It was a blast! The kiddos bounced to their little hearts content, decorated dozens of mini pumpkins and ate their weight in candy.
I made waaaaay to much food, but hey, leftovers are the best right? And I may have gone overboard with the decorations. Just a little. A smidgen. My only regret is that I wish I took more pics. You all know how it gets before a party. The running around without a head. Think chicken. And during the party we were having so much fun that stopping to take a pic would slow it down. Add another 'oh well' to the pile. This will be just a picture post today and I will be breaking them out into little diys through out the week... here we go!

 Some of the very few pics taken during the party. Please forgive the quality....
The rest were snapped before/after to show yous alls the decorations. I do have a few more pics of the photo booth backdrop. Those coming soon.

Wood Slice BOO Sign

Look who popped into the pic. Just minutes before we put her in her witch costume.

Have you ever seen a cuter pumpkin/gourd? These can be found at our local pumpkin patch Lavender Hill Pumpkins

Floating sparkly pumpkins. Probably my favortie decorations. These bad boys are found at the Dollar Tree. BONUS!!! I can leave them up till Thanksgiving!

One of the only pics I took of the massive spread of food. Some red velvet cupcakes with spooky cream cheese glaze.

Wish I had a picture of all the little pumpkins decorated. There were over 20 of them! All lined up.... so cute :)

Spooky DIY Tombstones and creature cutouts.

Smooches for the party girl at the very end of the night....

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any specific questions shoot them my way... otherwise stay tuned for load of Halloween Party decorations, tips & tricks!