Another day another year older. Yesterday I turned 28. Twenty eight. Two and Eight. Twenty plus eight. Ten and a ten and a four and another four. No way around it, no matter how I write it I am no longer 'that young' or 'in my early twenties'. I have recently started using the 'twenty-something' phrase because I'm sure people won't believe me if I told them the age I feel like I am. Oh You know. Forever 21.  Hell I should have stopped going to that store YEARS ago but I just can't. In fact. I proudly strut my double stroller and baby bjorn strapped self through the store. Bickering, hair pulling and juice spilling and all. Ha. I'm like a walking ad for birth control for the little ladies the store is really intended for. But those deals....
    Anywhoser. At twenty eight, I feel that I'm really starting to hit my groove. I like it. In fact I love it. I keep reminding myself that 'this is the time'. This is the time we will look back at with fondness and longing. The kids will be grown and gone, my house will be spic and span, Matt and I will have countless hours where we can just sit and stare into each other's eyes (ha, yeah right), things will be calm and quiet. And I'll miss this. I'll miss the giggles that turn to screeches that turn back to giggles as the dog has leapt into and then out of the kid and bubble filled tub. I'll miss the little tugs on my shirt and insistent voices, 'Mama! Cuddle!'. I'll miss the sweet sweet chaos that is raising a young family.  
    These past few months I have been trying really hard to be in the moment. To have intention with what I do, what I say and how we live and love. Matt and I have been discussing life and how quickly it changes lately. Mostly we have been discussing how we want our kids to be raised. We want them to be able to look back on their childhoods as a great big adventure. Full of nature, imagination and wonder. Full of fun. And we aren't sure that this can be achieved at the place where we are at. Not sure at all. But that is normal. As a parent, to want to mother hen the babes by covering and protecting them from the outside world. It's a constant battle with yourself on what and what not to and when to share with children the realities of the world.  A battle indeed....
   So during this time of being influx what does a mama do to reassure the babes (and herself)  that everything is just peachy keen? Why bake and bake and bake some more.

 Bisquick Chocolate Chip and Pudding Cookies
2 cups bisquick
three eggs
3/4 cup neutral flavored vegetable oil. My new fav is sunflower seed oil
1 cup white sugar
1 package chocolate pudding mix
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 cup chocolate chips
2 tablespoons vanilla
3/4 cup oats

Directions: Preheat oven to 375. Mix all wet ingredients in large mixing bowl. Add all dry ingredients, add the pudding mix last. Spoon golf ball sized dollops onto a greased cookie sheet and slightly flatten. Bake for eight minutes. Pull out, let cool and remove from sheet. Then promptly proceed to gobble down at LEAST three. 

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