Little man's stats board. A canvas sprayed with chalkboard paint and then decorated with chalkboard markers. While it was supposed to be temporary, I'm thinkin this baby is going on permanent display.

Please excuse my absence for the past couple of days... but I have been a lil busy bee prepping for and then celebrating my son's first birthday! I'm like Whooot Whoot  on the outside and like boo who on the inside! I can/can't believe my chunk-a-monk is one year old. Some moments seemed to pass like molasses but most whizzed right by. In a blink. Way to fast. We will get back to our regularly scheduled diy'n, but for a moment I would like to share some snaps from his party. It was a blast. The kiddos had a great time and ate way to much cake... well, maybe just my cupcake snipe for a daughter.

The carnival entrance. Silky curtains hung on a tension rod with a pinwheel garland. My only regret it that I didn't take more pictures of the decorations. I was just too busy snapping pics of all the little cuties who attended and I couldn't tear my camera away from little man's face on his big day.

We are a happy family... and a good looking one to boot... in my humble opinion. I like that Lou has already lost the bow and flung off her shoes. Our little wild woman. It took little man a bit to see that this thing called a cupcake is not only edible, but it is delicious!

Testing the waters.... then

oum num num....

I love that I was able to capture the single little green sprinkle on the very tip on his nose.

Me and my little man... before the cake ;)

His lemon carnival cake. Simple, yet tasty, yet fun, yet just right. You can kind of see the table/decor in the background. The inside food table was decorated with vintage frames, seltzer bottles, ticket stubs and pictures of little man through out his first year. Along with a couple of pinwheels and circus animal figurines tossed in for good measure. Ahh oh well.

My very first attempt at piping icing. Not too shabby... but I won't be getting any calls from Sprinkles (a glorious cupcake shop) anytime soon.

The snipe swiped a cupcake. I think she was more interested in the skittles on top than the actual cupcake.

Little man is on the run. It's hard to hold him back. I think I have my hands full with these two who love going in opposite directions :/

Taking a breather from all his bday action.

So lucky to have grandpa near by.

This little cutie belongs to a childhood friend of mine. We have managed to stay in contact over the years and now we are raising babies together. Crazzzyyyy. I can still remember having water balloon fights at one of our birthdays.

And this one... Isn't he just. SO.  STINKIN.  ADORABLE! This little one's papa served in the Navy with the hubs. What a treat that we are able to remain friends with his buds from the Navy. More often than not, friends get out, move far far away and it just becomes so difficult to stay in contact.

A set of circus drawings I did for the mantle decor. Just some sketches on foam board cut out and propped up. I'm thinking I might make a shadow box out of these. They turned out so neat and I want to save them for little man.

Such a special day for our little family. We are blessed to have such loving friends who helped make this day a memorable one.

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