This weekend was a good one. Full of friends, carnivals, movies and concerts. And it started off being planned as a 'staycation' where our family would hole up in the house and not . do . a . thang. Funny how summer does that. You start off with nothing then sooner than you know you have a whole lotta something full of fun people in fun places. It was a life saver. Mama was definitely in a funk and needed a reminder not to be so uptight. Family is messy and that is the way it should be, not a moment should be wasted stressing over things you can't help or can't avoid.

   WAIT a  minute what am I saying? I was seriously stressing and I needed a moment to reboot... so what did I do? I dropped off those messy loud lovely hooligans with the grandparents and the hubs and I hit up the movies, the casino and a concert. Yep, mama did some gambling and some CRAZY people watching. PS if you are a writer and ever need character inspiration head to your nearest casino stat. The most ridiculous characters camp out there.... I just wonder what those people think of me wandering around the slots, a penny here, a nickle there. Yeah. High roller here.  Humm.... food for thought. But this weekend (with a mini vacay away from the kids) was just what the Dr ordered. Now I am recharged and ready to tackle... or dominate this domestic warfare I have waging here with the laundry, the cleaning and boo boo smooching.

  So what am I up to now??? Staring at my tan/beige painted bookcase backs and dreaming up an upgrade. What to do what to do.... my first instinct is to go bold, go dark... but how will I feel about that in a few weeks?

Here's some eye candy...

Or maybe I could skip the paint and do a patterned papered back....

 or perhaps a metallic sheen?

I'll let you know the outcome. Right now I'm gonna hit up the free sample paint sale at Lowe's and see what strikes my fancy.

Thanks for stoppin by!