One of the biggest reasons why I love this man is his child like enthusiasm. He is the one that wakes me up at 4 am on Christmas morning. He is the one that likes to shake every present under the tree and trick me into revealing what is inside. What a stinker! So I totally saw it coming when he told me he wanted to get the largest tree possible... but this is a whole other bag of potato chips. 
 We went to a new 'cut your own tree' lot this year. It was quite a hike away, but totally worth it. Family run and full of really well cared for trees. Here in San Diego a cut your own tree is pretty hard to come by, but my husband refuses anything else. All of his trees growing up were hand selected by the entire family and chopped down by dear old dad. Not wanting to break his traditions I gleefully jumped on the bandwagon and have not looked back. 

 My lumberjack and his princess.

In her holiday best for our annual tree cutting 

Helping out papa by 'pushing' 

impatient are we?

Success! A little winded after sawing down our prize

I love that this is how Lou sees the tree. I can just imagine how massive this thing is to her!

You can't have a giant tree with out giant sparkly ornaments!

Lots of handmade paper flowers

Some burlap ball ornaments

and some sparkly red velvet bows

Hope the holiday season is treating you well and off to a good start. Stay tuned for more holiday decoration inspiration and diys!

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