Welcome to the Kristie Holiday Home Tour version 2013!.... or what I like to call Glittery Gold wonderland. You'd be pretty hard pressed to find a single silver ornament in the mix. Nope. This gal is strictly white lights, glittery gold & wood tones. Just feels like the 'holidays' to me with that simple gold color scheme. And glitter.... lots and lots of glitter. Call me traditional, call me an old fogey, but I like to stick to the classics.
   Here is what I have so far. Just waiting on some greenery garlands and a couple of wreaths, but I'm pretty much gonna call it good and focus on gift & goodie making for the rest of the month.

   Can't say I didn't warn you about the gold. Most of the faux gold garlands and foliage was gifted to me by my mama, who used to be a gold devotee like me but has since moved on to other schemes. Traitor. Just kidding. She has impeccable taste and taught me all I know.
  The deer head was found at Home Goods (of all places) for only $8! The trees have been gathered over the years from barn sales, garage sales and Home Goods (of course!)

   This is a super fun spinning fiber optic tree that I may or may not have confiscated from my mom's massive decoration collection. I decorated it with faux gold poinsettia sprigs and a faux gold laurel wreath at it's base. Aren't those super sized ornaments from Hobby Lobby fantastic?!
   Last year I hung them from the ceiling, but alas, at 8 months preggo I was not about to climb up and down the giant ladder. And if you could've convinced my husband to do it for me, then props to you because I have a hard enough time convincing him the tree needs lights. He'd be fine with a Charlie Brown hung with three maybe four bulbs. Showmanship is not his thang ;)

  A potted tree! Now we just have to plan on a place to plant em. I'll have more pics on how I decorated my tree later. Right now it's chuck-o-bluck full of gold snowflakes, pine cone garlands and tinsel... oh and large vintage style light bulbs. Such a neat idea to throw in a strand or two of the biggies. Really REALLY brightens it up.

  My Christmas houses. A super fun craft night idea if you were ever looking for one. Me and my gal had some left over houses from Halloween so we thought why not make some Christmas ones?! Now I want to make some snow (glitter) covered ones

  I spy our moose rack! Isn't that thing impressive?! 58" in wing span. Glad I wasn't here to watch the man put it up. At over 50lbs, I'm sure it was no easy feat.

  My vintage glass ornaments are sprinkled here and there safely away from grabby little hands.

What does the fox say? I just had'ta HAD'TA get this foxy fella when I spied him at Home Goods.

Thank you for taking our quick Holiday home tour. I have a few more rooms to share as well as the tree trimmings. But I feel like this December will be more devoted to baking than to decorating. Blame it on the pregnancy.

Thanks for stopping by!