Welcome Home... the hubs finished the floors, I got my kitchen back and now it's play time :)

our entry

view from the front door and an industrial cart I picked up from The Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow CA

My 'distressed' kitchen table. It was a beautiful natural wood tone, but that was long gone once it flopped out of the hubs' pickup truck when a motorcycle cut him off. Note to self... always strap craigslist items down unless you want the whole 'road rash' look.
Anyway, I decided to make my own chalk paint... DIY coming soon.

the floors really are fan-freakin-tastic!

Dutch Door... I heart you.

Last thing TBD... tin ceiling.... still haven't decided on how to finish them, or I could always leave them unfinished. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

My hand distressed and antique glazed cabinets.

living room.... or as the hubs calls it the 'laying naked by the fire on a bear skin rug' room.

the wall to wall built in bookcase the hubs did. Made out of ikea bookcases no less. He fashioned up some fancy trim and they really look great. They give me plenty of play.. I mean display space. Anyone else love to make vignettes around the house? Some times I feel like a shop keeper. And I like it

Book nook... out of ikea coffee tables. Now I just need to find some more coke crates to fit underneath.

See what i mean by vignettes?! They are everywhere. But that is what makes a home a home.

of course we can't leave out Lou with the attitude... every little girl has to have a pink 50's kitchen.