Retro Beauty 101: How to trim your own bangs... get some of your own Bardot style.

This is the most pics I have taken of myself.... ever. SO bare with me. This tutorial is about how to trim your own bangs once you have them, but it could also work for cutting new ones. The basics still apply. Here we go!

Start with clean dry hair. Pull it back into a loose pony tail. Then you want to get your 'magic triangle'. Find the center of the top of your head and start from there. Then You part your hair in even diagonals. The diagonals line should continue on and point towards the outside corners of your eyes. You might need to pin some hair back or pull some out of your pony tail to get even sides to your triangle. In the last pick you can see I wasn't so even the last time I trimmed my own bangs ;). Then wet is down and brush it out straight.

SHARP scissors are key. Let me say this again S-H-A-R-P scissors. You don't have to spend a lot just head to the hair department of your local CVS or Target and get a pair (reserve these to ONLY cutting hair). Pull all the hair between your two fingers and pull down to mid eye. Then hold the hair out away from your face to avoid trimmings getting into your eyes.

Trim slowly in small forward movements directly against the bottom side of your fingers. I like to give the bangs a small curve. A little longer on the outside and shorter on the inside, but make sure to not trim much higher than the center of your eyes. We want to avoid the super short blunt bangs. Then to soften the look I like to give the bangs little snips in an upward angle. Just little ity-bity snips.

Now to style. Gather all the bangs onto a round brush. Mine is 2" round. A good size for drying bangs. Blow dry while spinning your brush. The pull the edges of your bangs down and dry in a downward angle. This gets rid of the 'bangs in a roller' look. Then finish up with mussing the bangs up a bit. That's it! Just take your time, don't rush, and you too can have Bardot/Retro style bangs!

Thanks for stopping by!