Thanks to one of my fav blogs, The Hunted Interior, I have become a hypocrite.
Just kidding
But not really. I must eat my words. After I saw this diy, I knew I had to made an exodus to the giant blue and yellow warehouse to pick up this table,
 the Ikea Vittsjo nesting coffee table, to give it a good ol hack.

I have been searching, and pining, and meditating on finding a new glass and brass coffee table. But to no such luck. Until.... untillllllll ^^^^^^^

So I made the schlep downtown and had a grand ol time with the kids jumping on the furniture, eating dollar ice cream cones and listening to our echos...

Here's my progress so far...

I've also spray painted the bottom board a glossy white and I'm going to attempt a faux marble treatment like the inspiration did tomorrow.

Any other ikea hacks you know/love/tried????

As much as I gripe about the store it seems to have come through for me so many times that I really shouldn't give em such a hard time.... maybe...

Thanks for stopping by!