Fist bump to all my fellow baby wearing mamas! I give you a little round of fingerplause on the keyboard for being wonder mom and lugging your little munchkin around. I literally feel your joy and pain ;)

    I have been a baby wearing fanatic right from the get go. Why? Is it because I am a natural hippie dippy flippy trying to make my soul and synergy become one with my baby? Hells to the no. It's because my first born, lovely Lucinda, came out like an octopus. An angry octopus. Happy when she was plastered against me, a heathen screamin demon when placed in the crib, bassinet, tub, anywhere more than a molecules width away from my bosom. Could be becuase I loved playing the cry game when she was a newborn. Where I would hold her against my body and she would coo then I would hold her out at an arms length and watch her scrumptious little face screw up into a big ol wail then I'd quickly squish her chub chub against me and hear a sigh of relief then I thrust her back out again and get her goin again and reel her back in.

Waaaaahhhhh ohhhhh WAAAaahhhh ohhhh WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH ohhhhhhh WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ooooooooohhhhhhhh


   Until I had totally pissed her off and she start to really get going totally f'ing myself. I'd have a major time trying to calm her down until a boob was promptly placed in her mouth. I know, I'm a cruel cruel mom, but baby you gotta learn it's a cruel cruel would and mama just thought your squished up poochy lip face was freaking hilarious. And who doesn't like to hear a baby coo when you hold them in tight?!
 So in order to move about without having the octopus announcing her concerns loudly in my eardrum I'd have to wear her. And wore her I did. Get up, feed her, strap her on, she'd promptly go to sleep, do my thing, change her, feed her, change her, change her, feed her, strap her on again, feed her, change, change, change, feed, feed, feed, strap her on, she'd fall asleep I'd do a little bit more of my thang, feed, change, feed, change, squeeze in a little tummy time, strap her on ect ect ect so on and so on until she was about six months. And I continued to wear her mucho tiempo (much of the time) till she was 13 months. And during said 13 months (and with my subsequent kiddos) I have cycled through all of the baby wearing ways. Yes ALL of em. So I thought I'd share my opinion and what worked/didn't work for me.

Maya Wrap

  This is my jam. My bread and butter. I be rockin the Maya day in and day out from day one. It's basically a long piece of thick non stretch fabric folded in half hot dog wise and threaded through two metal rings. You wear it with the built in pad on your shoulder, slung across you body and slip the baby into the folded pocket. It's adjustable, comfortable and you can wear the baby in multiple ways. I really like this for the newborn to six months stage. The stage where all the babes wants to do is be plastered against your body, listen to your heart beat and zone out. They are not that interested in looking around and prefer to be nestled in all snug and cozy. And wha what?! I'm totally wearing it right now, baby in tow. People always ask me how I get so much done with three babes and I always tell em its because I wear em. All the time. Morning, noon and night. I don't even give em a chance to fuss. I clean em, feed em, put em in the sling and then when they fall asleep, sound asleep, I can lean over the mamaRoo seat and gently place the baby in it and slide the sling over my head. The silent sling transfer. Ooooo it's a good one ;)

  Yep that's me. Painting the chicken coop's floor pink. Wearing the maya with Leland all cozy and cute in there. Hi Leland! My trick with the tiny newborns is to swaddle them in a medium weight blanket and squish em down in there. I like the extra padding around the little un, it helps keep em snug in place and gets rid of the 'baby lost in a well'  feeling you can get with slings. On to my next favorite.

The Jelly Bean sling is just like wearing the Maya except it's not adjustable. Which is a pro and con. The maya has this long tail of fabric that hangs down from the rings (so you can adjust the sling size) and can some times feel bulky or get in the way BUT the tail also has a zippered pocket that's pretty convenient. But with the Bean you just put it on slide the baby in and go, which is essential with other littles on the go. Again I prefer this for the 0 - 6 month stage and who can beat that price of $25?!?!?!

Ok. The ergo. Love it. Hate it. Love it because it's super duper comfortable, perfect for hiking/doing vigorous activity and great for either baby facing in or baby facing out. Hate it because it was very expensive and it can be a bitch to put on sometimes. It's like you need another person there to secure the back straps, which in my case is never. Also hate it because I bought the newborn insert, which of course was separate and mucho $$$ for an accessory component and  It's like 'HELLO BABY!' because the insert is way too bulky and shoves the baby right up into your face. Like nose to nose. So I just do the swaddle trick. It's key to loosen the straps before putting it on, get the baby situated and then tighten those suckers down. All in all I love it for shopping or outdoor playtime with the other littles.

Here I am laying out my garden wearing the ergo. Lots and lots of up and down movement and Leland never made a peep. And my back wasn't killing me by quitting time.

   Moby moby moby. Looks great on the model right? All cute and snug and cozy like. On me? Like a freakin Sherpa. I swear I nearly strangled myself trying to put it on. Sure, once you get it on, the baby is nice and comfortable. But me? I felt like it was tying a bed comforter around me. Constricting and my clothes were all jacked up hiked to my chin letting my spare tire hang out for all of kingdom come to see. Fun times. Also, it's not quick to put on. I found this out the hard way during a trip to Target. I had the others in the cart and was clutching a crying baby to my chest while saying to myself WTF as I try and wind the mile long piece of stretchy fabric around me. It NEVER looks like the picture above. In order to get the baby secure you find yourself double/triple/quadruple knotting that mother with tails of fabric hanging down to the floor and wait a minute? It the baby's butt supposed to hang out like that? Um no. No it's not honey. Damn it.

Ok, so there are lots of brands out there, but these are the four basic styles and what I've found to be the most comfortable or hair pulling out stress inducing. Hope these tips and tricks help!

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