Inspirational Places: Japanese Friendship Garden.
Round two of my Inspirational Places series. First up was Balboa Park. You can see the images of this epic place here. A definite must see if you are ever in the SD area. Now on to round two: Japanese Friendship Gardens. Technically this inspirational place is with in Balboa Park, but it stands on it's own with the amount of beauty and well, inspiration it contains.

The redbud trees were off the hook! Just breath taking. There is a whole valley of these beauts blooming. Like fluffy pink clouds floating just so. Very stunning against the blue blue sky and brilliant green of the shrubbery below.

The Hawthorne shrub. Normally not one of my favorites, but in mass they are pretty. Especially underneath the pink blooming redbuds.

Of course you can't have a Japanese garden with out koi. Yes, koi... not koy :) They were a-nibbelin somethin fierce. Hearing the giggles of Lou and the other kids was well worth the long-ish dive down there.

A beautiful display of an array of Bonsai. This (rather large in my opinion) one was my favorite. Do I smell a DIY in the works? Perhaps a DIY Faux Bonsai?

I always thought that wisteria originated from the Mediterranean, but upon further research I found out that it's from China and moved westward (or east towards Japan). I love the stuff. This is what an epic outdoor space is made of. Lots and lots of draping wisteria.

All in all it's a great little getaway. Surround yourself by some beautiful gardens, let the littles run up and down the flag stone paths and feed some giant fishies.

I promise some DIYs are coming up soon. Just wanted a little breather to focus on the littles and perfect a few of the diys I have bouncing around up in the noggin. Thanks for stopping by!