This is for all my earth mamas out there. My one piece of advice (for the century) is 'Get your booty to the nearest garden tour PRONTO!' Good gawd! Talk about inspiring! (And a wee bit depressing... like we have the time and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
to create gardens like this on our own... not everyone can afford a mini landscaping army to craft such beauty!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!)

ahem... Honor?!

Deep breath....

Don't worry about me. That was just my green eyed monster creeping up from inside

But that doesn't keep me from appreciating the beauty, dedication, creativity and intelligence that went into creating such wonderful, blissful, awe inspiring, refreshing, indulgent, swoon worthy (and any other adjective you can throw in there for good measure) outdoor spaces.

First up is my favorite. I know you usually save the best for last, but hey, why make you wait? All of these image are from the SAME FRONT YARD. Get ready. Prepare yourself. Here we go

Hold on, just a minute. Can we talk about that first image? How crazy beautiful is that fountain full of succulents?! I am sooooo doing that.

Ok, back to the rest of the images

The homeowner may have had professional help with her raised planters, gravel paths and flagstone patios, but she created all the many (many many many) potted succulent gardens. They are stunning and creative and made me want to hop on this bike and ride it back to my house so I could park it on my front porch.

An outdoor potting area full of baby succulents, a wide selection of shells/gravel/coral and a never ending supply of containers.

Inside view of her potting shed. I can imagine myself living in that shed, let alone potting in it.

Remember... this is all the FRONT yard. Yes that is my daughter trying to pry up the turtle sculpture. The little darling.


Just one of the many outdoor covered patios. This one has a huge trellis of jasmine and cape honeysuckle. Along with some of the infamous succulent garden pots

This is the one pic I took of the backyard. It has a beautiful granite topped outdoor kitchen, and a pizza oven and a disappearing edge pool and a fire pit and a spa and a and a and aaaaaaa..... You know, just a humble abode for two retirees.

Raised vegetable gardens. Filled to the brim.

Close up of the numerous succulents, cacti and native southern CA plants.

 Right now I am sketching up my garden and penciling in where I can fit some flagstone paver paths, raised vegetable gardens and a couple of three tier fountains. Right after I win the California lottery. And the Arizona powerball. And maybe the Nevada quick picks... Just to be sure I can employ the entire corporation it will take to maintain this masterpiece.

On to my daydreams

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