My life lately according to instagram

Little man dominating his big sis by stuffing her (not really) into a diaper box
My (upcoming) birthday present form the hubs.... a giant California Pepper tree
My little pirate. So many things to love about this pic. The mismatched shoes, ice princess dress, sword, sun bathing bear and all the accessories...
He is just like his pops.. always workin on something
water from a hose tastes so much better right?!
I surprised the hubs with some tickets to one of his favorite country singers Aaron Lewis... a baby free night was just what we needed ;)
Lou and some ice cream
luke and some ice cream... he has to work on his technique a bit
lots of playdoh this summer
She decided it was a good idea to coat herself from head to toe with Desitin.... It took FOREVER to get it out of her hair :-(
A lovely new find from target for a whooping $15... mama likes