Ok. So we survived. Actually, I survived, the first month of being a mom of three, three and under. No major snafus or houses burning down, no mental breakdowns, no broken bones or bloody noses.... definitively a floor pounding tantrum or two. By me. Not the toddler. But all in all I kept my shiznit together. Holla!
  So a couple of days ago I was totally congratulating myself on the heroic feat of braving Costco with three littles. Thinking 'Oh look at me, I'm so totally a Super Mom!'... until I see another young mom (thinner, blonder and dressed way cuter than moi) toting around 6 littles! Four by birth and two by adoption. Hot damn. I just got schooled. Hard. Deflated my sails a bit. But hey. I made it out of Costco alive and I didn't lose a little'un once. Well maybe Lou for a minute or two... till I heard a giant crash and rounded the corner to see her slip sliding tap dancing around the largest pile of pickles I have ever witnessed. Not that I've witnessed more than one pile of pickles. At least the gent who was sent to clean it up was nice to me. I only got one look of disdain that quickly turned to pity as the baby started wailing, Lucas was hanging out of the cart seat into the main basket biting into the giant block of cheddar cheese and Lou was.... Lou? Where'd that girl go now?

Fun times

 I wanted to give my readers a heads up. I will continue to do DIYs here and there and I will for sure share em with you when I venture into that territory, but I feel that my heart (and this blog) are heading in a different direction. I have so many stories (fluffy, not really that important, but entertaining none the less) about being a mother/wife/wanna be Alaskan homesteader, and I want to share them with you, as well as document them for myself and our littles. A confessional of sorts. I'm sure I will/have lost some readers as my DIYs have dwindled, but I have also gained some lovely readers (friends!) who enjoy sharing in this crazy journey called motherhood.

   Sooooooooooooo..... if you stick with me I'm sure I can get a laugh (or tear? Or a little pee?) out of ya... You soooo totally know what I mean, my fellow ladies of the birthing variety.... tmi? Ah oh well.
    If you haven't fallen asleep already here are a few snaps of our first month in the trenches.

  This is what I stumble in upon after I got up from one of the countless nursing sessions because playtime got eerily quiet... and that's usually when you really have to worry. Quiet means permanent marker on the walls, or toddlers scaling the refrigerator or some other hooligan in tactical training maneuver. But I was delighted to find these two, Mr Jail bait and Miss Green Bug Eyed Monster reading peacefully. Who are you? And what have you done with my kids?

  Holy shit I have three kids. Hasn't really sunk in just yet. Sometimes I feel like I'm just playing house and I'll wake up to find myself laying on the beach by the boardwalk in a yellow polka dot bikini... Ha. Yeah right. Bikini. That's like totally a naughty word around these parts.

Alight. Leland overload in three.... two.... one

You'd think he'd want some space after baking for 42 weeks but noooooo

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your weekend is diaper and tear free ;)