The holidays are here in full effect. Decorating, baking and shopping are pretty much filling up the calendar. Not to mention a winter wedding (which the entire fam will making an appearance in... dot dot dot.... me included at 32 weeks preggo. J.O.Y).
  So here is a quick update to the holiday happenings around this holiday house. The image above is me in heaven. Anthropologie heaven. After years of struggling to get the husband something he REALLY wants for Christmas, I finally relented and let him have at it with Ebay/Craigslist/Amazon. We set a budget, he ordered what he wants (for a much better price than I could ever find), had the packages sent to the house, I wrapped them up all neat and tidy and placed them under the tree. Done and done. Now on to what I want. So where do I head? To anthro of course to scoop up some adorable kitchen/cooking utensils that I've had my eye on. Now on to wrapping them up.

  I've blogged about this place before, Matilda's Mouse Antiques. It is a must see for all you vintage junk lovers. It's this giant barn stocked full of the neatest vintage and antique finds. The three day events happen once a month and the organizers of the sale literally 'put on the glitz', by setting up the coolest creative displays. Inspiration for days. This December sale was a silvery and blue wonderland. Beautiful, but you know me, I like me some gold ;)

My cutie patootie decking out some gingerbread halls

Where can you have a beach day in December? Why Sandy Eggo of course!

The monkey man entertaining himself by jumping on to me hiding under the sofa cushion. Note the roaring fire in the background. Temps dropped to around 65 degrees here in SD... time to start up the ol'logs

 Here are what things looked like around here for about a week. Me in my jammies (online black Friday shopping anyone?!), the kids sacked out on the floor cushions watching old Disney movies while I organized and put up the Christmas decorations.

I guess it's about time I venture out to the grocery store. We can only live on week (two week?!) old stuffing for so long....

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