Thanks y'all for being so patient! Just got back from a visit to the in-laws in IL. And burrr burrr burrrr! It was a chilly one there. But that's how we like it. Even more reason to hole (or whole?) up in the 'family compound' and just veg out. Let the babies run amok, eat some yummy game meat and just catch up with life. I must say that I am so very blessed to have such loving and kind in-laws, couldn't ask for a better pair!
   Here are a few snaps from our trip & early November . Wouldn't you know, I left my camera at home so instagram will have to do!

While in IL we got to visit a friend's dairy farm, and I gotta say HOLY COW! I had no idea how much time, energy and just plain ol'fashioned hard work went into getting our breakfast staple from the cow to the table. Not only did we get to see the entire milking process but the littles (with help from the hubs) were able to bottle feed a day old calf. How awesome is that?! Unless you are from the country an experience like that is pretty hard to come by, especially living here in San Diego. After the babes were finished with the bottle they took to tossing corn/feed at the few weeks old bessies. ^^^

I was sure to make it to a few of my favorite shopping destinations, kid free, while the boys (gramps & pops) held down the farm. Cracker Jax is by far one of my favorite destinations. A must see whenever I make it out there.

After we sent grandpa the pic above of M with the two littles, he insisted that he get one with little man Luke during our visit. Happy to oblige. ;)

Now surprise surprise, this pic is taken here in San Diego just down the street from us. Fall foliage is few, far and in between here in the SW so I was ecstatic when I realized this street goes off every November. Funny how the little things really make your day.

Now I'm off to do some meal planning because Thanksgiving is just around the corner and YIKES! we are hosting! Yummy treats and quickie DIYs are just around the bend. I'll be sure to document this process because it might just be a great success (or an epic failure!)

Thanks for stopping by!