Sunday was my 28th bday. And it was fabulous.

Was I treated to a limo, pop a bottle of champagne and laden with oodles of diamonds?

Nope. No sir-ee.

I got to have fresh cinnamon rolls from the bakery (ie no cooking/clean up for moi), driven to a barn sale where the hubs entertained to kiddos so I could dig in silence and then finished up the day having dinner with my mama, papa, brother, hubs and babies at the local taco joint on the outside patio.


Funny how the tables have turned. When I was sixteen I wanted this and that and that for my birthday and for him and her and them to be at my party. NOW I prefer a much quieter celebration. Surrounded by the ones I love and love me the absolute mostest and do/have/get the things that give me true pleasure... ie a moment alone in the house where I can sip a diet coke, lite an anthropologie candle and read the latest BHG magazine... oh and have a bag of sour patch kids to my self WITHOUT having to share ;)

or like a mani/pedi with my bestie while we gab about babies, weddings and the occasional celebrity gossip.

Now THAT is my burfday style now. :)

Thank you for stopping by! Some easy art is coming up later...