Here it is, in all it's barren dirtness, rockness & gravelness: My kitchen garden.

Well it will be anyway! And I'm even a little embarrassed to say that this pic is of it cleaned up! I'm talking man eat'n tumbleweeds were taking over.

I have many a grand plan for my patch of dirt. Two raised planters, light colored gravel, a smattering of stepping stones, trellises ... perhaps even a wall fountain? Many nights lately have been spent pinteresting, flickring and googling all shapes, sizes and types of gardens. Here are a few that make my heart pitter patter.

Via Tuliptree

via Global Mama

via Martha Stewart.... Most epic vegetable garden EVA!

Via Fairy Landscape

Via Fern Creek Design

via A Soft Place  my favorite. So rustic and natural

   There is something so primordial and rewarding about being able to provide for yourself. To be self sufficient. To literally taste the fruits of your labor. Not to mention much easier on the pocket book. Organic fruits and veggies can be so pricey. This will also be a great experience for the littles. I hope.
   I will be back soon with my plans (I have literally painted a few watercolor sketches... too much?) and pictures of the progress. I plan on having this sucker completed and planted (both seeds and nursery seedlings) by this weekend! When I set my mind to something I just gotta get it done RIGHT NOW!

 Off to Disneyland tomorrow!!!!!! I think the huz and I are more excited than the kiddos. Normal? Yes, definitely.