My kitchen garden is coming together quite nicely. Ye-Haw! Lots of sweat and back breaking went into the little sucker and I can't wait to sow the seeds and seedlings I have percolating in the laundry room. I have three large terra cotta planters (already planted with heirloom tomatoes, basil, peas and cucumbers) and two 4' x 8' raised beds. If you didn't catch the before & my inspiration click here.  Now I'm just waiting on the local mushroom farm to give me a jingle on the jangle to pick up their primo compost. Compost/dirt can only be used for one growing cycle of mushrooms, as they are a bit of a finicky crop, yet produces the most excellent nutrient rich compost for growing fruits, vegetables and whatnot.
 Above is a quick watercolor sketch of my garden and what I hope it looks like during peek season. Very Martha Stewartish. Below is a sneak peek of the garden/pots. I want to get the large beds planted before images are shared.

  Even though I am a bit winded( aka, exhausted) from shoveling all that stinkin gravel, nailing the beds together and hauling compost up our ridiculously steep hill, nothing will compare to the sense of accomplishment I will be feeling when I feed my family from our garden (THAT I DID ALL BY MY LITTLE BITTY SELF) I'm sorry, was I yelling? I'm just proud of my hopefully very fruitful green thumb.


 (have yourself three silly emoticons)

Thanks for stopping by! A few garden inspired diys are coming up along with a mural. Yeah, I said a mural :)