Tis the season of holiday cards and I'd thought I share our pics with you. Who doesn't like getting cute mail?

Bawh! I love a good outtake wayyyy more than the purdy ones. Don't you? I mean, this is my life. The littlest one demanding attention, Lucas just like, 'Mama! Hurry up and take this damn thing already because I got my eye on that mud puddle and/or chicken over there and my clothes are just itching to get dirty!' and lou is being mama's sweet little angel helper, innocent right? No. She's just that crafty that she knows if she gets on my good side tasty things will be coming her way. She's a smart crafty cookie.
More Christmas card material right?

Let me tell ya, its a tough tough thing to do to get this man AND me in the same pic. Good enough tho....

Happy Holidays!

I'll be back to share some snapshots on what we've been up to.

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