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    Here is Lou with the attitude's newest gift from her father. Yes it is a tractor... of course it is a John Deere.

    It is much to much to big for her, I don't think her feet even reach the pedals. But that doesn't mean good habits can't begin. So while her father gave his big rig a wash she took it upon herself to give her green goodie a good ol scrub down. All by her little self. I asked if she wanted help... but that just got a big 'No!' and my jeans being hosed down. What a peach.

It was all good up until I reminded her she was using a brush. Then she thought she should give her teeth a good brushing. Reinforcing good habits... that is my aim ;)

Finally cooling down here. Not that I have any right to complain here in Southern California with our year round 70's, cool beach breezes, little rain and no snow. Ne ner ne ner ne ner... just kidding.
Off to go spend my hard earned Birthday money at Anthropologie today. Mama's got to treat herself sometimes.

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