Alright, back for round two and three of my session with Two Roses Photography. In case you missed it, Amanda from Two Roses preformed an absolute miracle and created these beautiful maternity images. Check check check em out.... but now on to the adorableness that is newborns. Please be patient as they load... also I apologize for the overload on photos of  my baby/my family/moi... but then again I don't. This is me, my life and all that I dearly care about. It's such a joyous time in our lives that I just can't help myself with the over sharing ;)

  These were just a few of my favorites. She totally got his personality (yes, newborns have personalities) and she was able to capture his differences from my other two babes. When Lucas was born I was like 'Holy Jeeze it's the exact same child!'
  But ol'Leland here is different yet the same. I will have to post newborn photos of all three side by side so you can understand. I'm totally obsessed that whe was able to capture how Leland has this sideways lip hold that I die, just die every time he does it.
  Amanda also came over to my house and we did a mini siblings shoot. I should call her a professional Tasmanian devil wrangler, because mister Lucas was anything but the perfect little angel that she captured in these photos.

Now I have the hard part of deciding which ones to get blown up onto giant canvases to create a jumbo family photo wall.... decisions decisions..

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