Here are a few snapshots of the going-ons in our life right now. Hectic yet slow at the same time. Like running in place. Know what I mean?

Our little country road got repaved. Very interesting and educational to watch. Before this I had no idea how our roads were put together. It smelled awful, was super noisy, but mostly I was glad to see where all our HOA money was going.(Super OUCH! on the pocket book for the next few months)

Now that is fresh! It was smokin!

Told ya we made an event of it. Brought out our beach chairs and everything to watch the crew work. The hubs had to supervise .

Speaking of the hubs, it was his birthday recently and it was so awesome that his parents were here to celebrate it with us. Doesn't really feel like your birthday until your mom makes you a cake, right? It was oreo ice cream cake for us... his fav. Lucky duck.

I finally bucked up and finished my 'open shelving' in the kitchen. The open shelving is in parenthesis because all I really did was remove the cabinet doors and paint the inside. I am loving it. Don't know why I was so skeptical that I wouldn't. Actually brightens the kitchen. Pearl Pink by Miss Martha for the inside, Sea Glass for the outside.

Park time is always a blast, but who knew that discarded balloons from the previous day would be such a hit?

A sweet watercolor jewelry diy is up next. Hope you all had a super fun Super Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by.