We all have adventures... some bigger than others. It is so easy to forget how it was when we were little, where EVERYTHING was an adventure. Going to the store, birthday parties, school, tree swings, parades and of course bath time.... all little adventures that shape our personalities as well as our past.
  As a mom I try to remember not to sweat the little things. Clothes will get dirty, milk will get spilled, vases will get broken and we will be late. But more importantly I try and focus on creating these little adventures for our children. So when a carnival rolled through town we had to go. This was Lou with the attitude's BIG adventure. She still is talking about it in her sweet little voice and big ol round eyes. "Slide!!!"

With a little pep talk from papa

she was on her way

climbing up the blow up mountain... can you imagine climbing up something like this if it was scaled to this proportion?!!

never looked back... tear

almost there!

add shes off...

whoot whoot you go gurlll

sweet victory!

finishing up

and ready for many more adventures.... Hope your Monday is going well and your week is off to a good start. And may your life be full of 'little' adventures!

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