Lately I've been getting pretty down on myself.  Feeling that I've lost the DIY gene. Feeling like all my creativity had been sucked dry (literally, breast feeding is no joke... tmi? ah oh well).  But mostly I've been bummed about not sharing new DIY content here on the blog. This is how the convo goes on in my head

Uh, Honor?

yeah, what?

You know you haven't blogged very much lately


well, you haven't doodled any new dodad or crafted any new crafty krafts...


well, you could just paint something, or you know you've been wanting to blog about the best gilt paint pens or.....

and???? (annoyed inside the head voice starting to appear)

well, I just thought we could sit and brainstorm...

BRAINSTORM!!!???? I'm on a constant windup whirlygig of a tornado trying to keep up with three littles, two businesses and a household to run (ie bill paying, laundry washing, grocery shopping, house scrubbing, garden tending, play date attending so on and so on) and you want me to brainstorm?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?


Sorry.... But don't you miss it?

Miss what? Miss having an adult conversation and going a day with out poop and spit up?

No.... don't you miss DIY'N?



Yes. OK YES! I really do miss DIY'N. But until my list of priorities shift, my DIY'N days have slowed down a bit, K?!

   Not really getting anywhere with myself or getting any closer to documenting my diys. But I did sit and think it bit about my diy'n. It really hasn't stopped more so as shifted. Instead of diy'n a lamp or a pillow, I am diy'n an indian princess headpiece out of our chicken feathers for Lou, or I am rigging up a water/mud play table for Luke or I am lugging dirt for our new patio extension.

Oh yeah!  


   Did I mention that my dream is finally coming true! Ever since we moved into our house four years ago, we have wanted to extend our back patio by building a retaining wall. Well, we finally called the right people, ordered the right materials and got our booties move'n and a shake'n. It's coming along nicely but it will still be some time till I feel the grass between my toes. But hope keeps me going. I have lots of hope.

 End sidetrack

 So I look outside at our massive landscaping project, glance at the wall of family picture canvases I just made and hung, peek inside my fridge at the numerous zucchini breads/cupcakes/soups and understand that my diy days are not done for. NOPE! They have only just begun! Alas all the frivolous futzing away with frillies are gone, but the real meaning of diy'n has just started. 

 So please excuse my totally self indulgent post, but here is a little picture show to get you up to date around these parts

Here I am for the first time in FIVE YEARS, yes FIVE YEARS that I got some time off. By that I mean I didn't have to lug a baby around in my belly, breastfeed a little gremlin, chase after a tee toodler, yell at a rambunctious three year old or attend to the needs of my ol'man. NOPE. It was just about attending to meeeee myself and IIIIIII for a few days while I sipped champers and toasted my soon to be sister in law in Napa. And this photo. Documentation that travel in a airport can actually be a pleasant experience. 

Our lovely group up at Mumm in Napa.  Champagne..... does a mama gouuud

Isn't she purdy? My soon to be sis with a bridal sash that I crafted. SEE?!?!?! I AM still DIY'N!

Working on a few canvases around the house. All have flowers, All have some sort of ethnic pattern goin on and all most definitely have some gold in em.

Little man Leland is getting so big! Be still my heart. This little puppy dog can't keep his tongue in his mouth for nuthin!

Well.... we had ducks for a hot minute but those shitheads otherwise known as coyotes got four of them and the husband thought welp! I might as well eat one! 
 Then he crafted this hid-e-ous thing called a 'hunting blind' (right... sure)  where he camps out in it at night and tries to shoot the coyotes with his bow and arrow.

Hi I'd like to introduce us, my name is Hill and his name is Billy.....

Why I live where I live, do what I do, and be who I be ;)

Thanks for sticking with me! Muah muah muah!!!!