DIY Country Kitchen
Hello all DIYers. I come to you with fabulous news, well fabulous news for me ;) . We are currently knees deep into my dream country kitchen remodel... antique rustic flooring, farmhouse table, industrial accents and all things chippy and old. I have been dreaming about this for a over a year and am ecstatic that it is now really happening. While most normal (and sane) people dream of stainless steel appliance, granite counter tops and contemporary tile back splashes, I on the other hand dream of 'character'. Character to me is rusty tin ceilings, vintage appliances, chipped and worn in furniture and lots of  antique accessories and embellishments. It was difficult to convince the hubs of what I meant by 'character' but thankfully his approach to the house is 'what ever you want dear'.... can you see why I married him?! So the hubs quickly, but not so easily got to work by ripping out our super seventies monstrosity (built in blender and all). So while I patiently wait for the tin ceiling to be nailed in place and the wood flooring to go down I set me self to task cruising the internet for my kitchen 'character'. Here are some accessories that I found on etsy that have my heart going a-pitter-patter. Enjoy!

please click on the images to visit these great stores. Thanks for stopping by!

Vintage Kitchen Scale

Every country kitchen needs a red checked something or other!

Vintage Kitchen Accessories... flour sifter

old farm grain scoop

More vintage kitchen accessories.... rusty graters yes please!

Vintage or rustic looking kitchen sign

Roosters? Yes the more the better! Love this art piece

a grab bag of vintage aprons to add to my collection! Bah!


a country kitchen must have... a farmhouse table

to go with the farmhouse table, a farmhouse bench

rustic country accent pieces. I really like the crate and empty vintage frames

a old egg basket as a light... creative

I really really really want to get a few of these. They are porcelain vases that look like vintage ball jars. So very cool

So that is what I have been ogling over. Thanks for stopping by and I will post pics of the finished country kitchen asap !