I make things for a living and a big part of my 'making' life is.... well.... making memories.

This past week the mister was struck by an idea (a genius idea at that!), that our little miss Lou with the attitude has never played in snow. I know what you are thinking... 'poor you in beautiful southern California and your year round tubular weather'. (and Dude, let me tell ya, it is tubular)
Well, yeah! Boo-hoo for us! Snow is awesome. Awesome awesome awesome. And we are just so lucky enough to live a short drive away from some killer mountains. Big Bear Mountain for that matter. So when the mister sprang that genius idea of a little snowy getaway while I was washing up our breakfast dishes... Chop chop lollipop, by golly we were up that mountain and sledding down it before dark!

This getaway was pure memory making gold. The kind that will forever be deeply ingrained in my dreams to the sound of little cherub angels playing the harp shrouded by a glowing mist.
Too much?
I sure feel that way when I look at these pictures. When I look at her happy face I just want to get on my knees, grasp my hands together and say, 'please child, please remember this day... not the day I left you at Target'. Not saying that I have left her at Target... yet.

This picture is HIL-LAIR-IOUS. He looks like he's lost total control and she looks like she's shrieking in pure terror. But in all actuality they weren't really going anywhere. The snow was so deep, he had to rock and scoot down the tiny hill trying to blaze a trail. I just magically captured this pic mid scoot and uncontrollable laughter.

I am very happy. Simple statement but very true. It was a happy time.

Those two and their baby blues. I die I DIE!!!

Where is waldo? Can you spot Lou in this pic?

This little fella growled, yes growled at me until I put him down so he could roll around in this strange white fluffy substance called snow.

A vacant tubing hill. Quite beautiful and poetic. We were able to roam all over the park, gallivanting in our own little world.

How amazing is this picture? How could he capture this?

She is fearless, this one. I was more nervous than she. I'm sure she would have stayed out there trudging up and speeding down that tallest hill until her nose and toes fell off.
After this trip I am just so full of joy and love and happiness and joy joy joy. YEEEEEEE!!!!!
Is it too much that I am saying this? These are the best times in my life right now and I find it very hard to contain my enthusiasm.
Thank you for stopping by and being a witness to the glorious goodness that is life.