So here I am. So here WE are! 26 weeks along and this little fella is a kickin and cookin. I have a love/hate relationship with this point in pregnancy. Love it that I have a visible bump and that it just doesn't look like I downed a few to many cheese burgers (Also love that the boobage has returned). Hate that I really do have to use maternity pants and that the whole 'mobility' thing? It's fading fast. Ugh. It happens earlier with each baby. The hips are a-achin and the feet are a-swellin.... so what's a mama to do to raise those spirits? Why spruce yourself up with a lil make up and finding outfits that look great. I do this with every pregnancy when things start to get a little frustrating. I take some time to plan out some outfits (that fit), so on those crazy days I know I have something to throw on and feel good in. Here's what I came up with.

Maternity Boot Cut Jeans from Kohls, Shirt from Old Navy, Fur vest from the Juniors department @ Target (as in the little girls hahaha), platform booties from Target, gold ball necklace from Anthro

Thought I would share a snap of my haircut. Still lovin it after the chop.

Jeans from Kohls, Top from Anthro, Leather Jacket from Anthro, Booties from Target, Necklace from Anthro

I love this outfit. From the front, straight on, it's totally fierce. But once I turn to my side it's like 'Ka-pow!'... here's a baby bump for ya!
Polka Dot top from forever 21... side L to accommodate the bump. Jeans from Kohls, Booties from Target, Necklace from Target

Lauren Conrad top, Jeggings from Nordstroms, Boots from Free People and Necklace from anthro.

Top from anthro, sweater from Target (It's New... so it's still in stores!), boots from Free People and jeggings from Nordstroms

Top from Old Navy, Sweater from Anthro, Jeggings from Nordstroms, Boots from Anthro.

Top from Forever 21, vintage velvet jacket, Jeans from Kohls and boots from Target

Top from Old Navy, Jacket from Anthro, Jeans from Kohls and booties from Target.

If I am feeling really good, I'll throw on some extra jewelry a scarf or even a hat.

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