Wishing you all a Happy New Year! Hope things are starting off nice and calm for you, or with a bang, which ever you prefer. I prefer the first, but it always seems to veer quickly towards the other. Deep breath in and a deep breath out.

We decided to escape it all and go camping up the mountain to welcome in the new year . This was the first time in like forever that Matt had new years off, I scooped him up and horded him all to myself. Mine. Mine! MINE! That crafty man dragged home a new camping trailer so we just had to give it a go. Happy to report that it has a killer heater. Thank the lord, because now looking back on it. Camping in the dead of winter with three littles was, um, challenging, to say the least. We lived off hot dogs and marshmallows, saw 32 deer and had absolutely zero cell service. Divine. 

So yeah, this happened ^^^^. Snow. Snow in San Diego. Like lots of snow. Apocalyptic world ending amounts of snow! Sure it was really like a light dusting, but to this born and raised SoCal girl, seeing snow piled up along side the highway and covering the surrounding hills caused my mouth to drop. It was the first time is 50 years! Five Zero!

So Matt may have had new years off, but he had to work xmas, so we pushed it back a day. Boy was that hard. Patient I am not, so I had to lock myself away from all social media to contain myself from peeking in presents and telling the kids 'ok, you can open just one.... or two...'
But looky here ^^^ Santy claus did come and he left us his sparkly boot prints. And what do you know?! SC has the same boot size as Matt. Wink wink

Bummer, no Christmas sweaters this year due to the wonky schedule and health issues of the sweater maker. But we are still a pretty good looking crew. Too bad Leland was napping, but hey look at that crazy beautiful bougainvillea!

Sending warm hugs your way to welcome in the new year. I have a feeling it will be a good one.
xo Honor