I just got the final product back of my maternity shoot with my good friend Amanda of Two Roses Photography.... how do I sum up my feelings/thoughts about em? Stoked?! Ecstatic?! Absolutely flabbergasted that she totally captured what I was looking for?! Yep. All of the above and so much more. 

   I was hesitant to do a maternity shoot (at first) because in my opinion most turn out super cheesy with a side of cheese and just end up making the mama look large and uncomfortable. But I knew I was in good hands with Amanda because she took the time to really listen to me and then plan the shoot accordingly. We wanted artsy, but not overly pretentious. Basically I just told her to make me look pretty and stay far far away from the nude/bare belly shots. Not that there is anything wrong with those bold and brazen ladies that do the nude thang, it's just not my style.

 So I apologize for the overly 'me me me' post full of pictures of me me me. But these images are so beautiful and I'm just counting down the moments till my prints arrive so I can frame and hang em. In a modest and private area of course.... don't worry... no nude pics of the homeowners in the guest bath for this little lady.

 ALSO... if you are local to the Southern California area, I can't recommend Amanda from Two Roses Photography enough. Check check check her out ;)

Love it love love love love :)
Can't believe that that belly ^^^^^^^ held our precious little Leland just a week or so ago... crazzzzy

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